Techniques to Make the Most Out of the Four P’s of Marketing

Welcome to another blog post about marketing strategies including media communications corp review. Today, we are going back to the basics of marketing by discussing the Four Ps, and how to make the most of these methods in order to increase the awareness of your product and brand.

The Four P’s of Marketing Mix

As timeless techniques in classifying various marketing strategies, smart marketers will be able to implement effective promotional activities and will achieve the targeted results. On the other hand, if any marketer fails to grasp the importance of these classifications, then they are more likely to fail and the business will lose money, of course.

1. Product. This is the most essential part of the marketing mix and its usefulness and innovativeness will make or break your brand. The customers should need and want this product and the design of the product should be based on these customer requirements. The process of making the most useful products that will highly satisfy the needs of the customer is called product engineering.

2. Price. The second necessary factor in the marketing mix, the customers’ reaction would mainly be based on the price of a product. If for instance, an item is overpriced, they will naturally search for natural alternatives. The quality of the product will also weigh in with the decision of the customers if it is goes well along with the price. If on the other hand, the product is priced cheaply, the target market would also tend to be wary of its quality. Hence, there should be a balance between price and quality especially if you are launching a new product.

3. Place. The channels of distribution of the product also matters a lot as it will determine how customers can get access to it. Developing the right distribution partners and reliable suppliers will help in enticing customers to buy your products and they will also help in reaching out to more leads. Plus, these retail partners will also aid in delivering your products to customers at a quick turn-around.

4. Promotion. Of course, what use would the other three P’s be without properly promoting them? The promotional activities that go along with a new product should be carefully thought out so as to make their presence felt within their targeted niche. The advertising strategies should be varied such as including WelcomeCalls,so that more people will become aware of the product in the quickest time possible.

Welcome calls or Order Confirmation Calls have been utilized by companies who want to make the most out of their online businesses. The call is made by a call center representative to the customer who has placed an order to confirm it, and then ask him if he will be interested to get another order for a discounted price. This is a win-win scenario for both the marketer and buyer because the buyer is protected from fraudulent transactions and the marketer will benefit from the upsell. Get to know more about this cost-effective marketing technique today by visiting the Media Communications Corp review  page.

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