Build Effective Client Relationships with Welcome Calls

In this day and age where technology reigns supreme, a lot of transactions are successfully processed without having to establish direct contact with a potential client. However, that speedy sale would have been for nothing if the customer ends up having problems with the product or service. Directing him to the toll-free hotline might not also be the best way to go either. If he has to wait on the line for more than five minutes to get hold of a representative, you can be sure he won’t be coming back for more.

This is where welcome calls come in handy. By definition, these are calls made to new customers to thank them for making a purchase. This is also the perfect opportunity to inquire if they have questions about the company or issues about the items they received.
Taking the time to contact a new business acquisition is an essential tool for establishing positive client relations. Your company makes a good impression by making a consumer feel that his needs are actually being catered to. Customers may like speedy results but will always look for great service. If you proactively tend to their concerns, you can gain their trust and confidence.

Then again, you might ask – what do I do with existing clients? If you’re past making that initial connection you can focus on order confirmation calls instead. After a sale has been finalized online, get hold of your buyer and confirm the details of the item that was bought. Double-check their credit card details to ensure that you are taking a monthly deduction from the right account. This might seem time consuming at first but you’ll be grateful for the decrease in irate callers later on plus, the lesser credit card chargebacks.

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