Sales Trends Businesses Should Consider Sticking To this 2013

A crucial aspect of business operations from which companies primarily derive their income from is none other than ‘sales’. With its valuable role, it is most likely every organization’s goal to perfect their sales strategies to better their earnings.

This year, Media Comm reviews feature the top sales trends that are expected to continue to impact the global market:

Perception Change

Industry analysts assert that sales this 2013 is no longer about how business establishments exactly sell their products or services. Instead, selling is now all about how retail firms engage with consumers to deliver valuable solutions to their needs. Essentially, selling should no longer be about offering deals but about building strong relationships with customers.

Marketing and Sales Convergence

Experts are also expecting to see joint efforts of sales and marketing teams in various organizations. The reasons behind this teamwork include:

  • To better understand the problems and realities consumers are faced with
  • To be able to device data-backed promotional engagements
  • To strategically position sales initiatives

Social Media Data Mining

With social networking sites now becoming the main communication platforms online, commercial entities are encouraged to leverage on their influence to improve sales returns. Information gathering focused on assessing product perceptions, consumer preferences, and competitor campaigns are anticipated to become the focus of companies digging through social media sites.


Sales programs are also expected to become more mobile. This can be achieved by engaging e-commerce site functionalities to fit various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and the likes. Through this move, consumers would already be a click away from the goods or services they want to take advantage of no matter where they are.

Selling Solutions, Not Products

Instead of being too concentrated on offering products or goods, companies are advised to shift to providing solutions to consumers’ needs instead. This can be achieved by giving consumers insights about certain products and services and helping them understand how these goods or forms of professional assistance address their needs.

Customer Relationship Management

A Media Communications review says that customers are after all the lifeblood of every business. Thus, they deserve to be valued and given due recognition. So, this year, it is foreseen that companies would work harder in developing their consumers’ sales experience to also improve their sales returns in the long run.

Content Marketing

Various surveys indicate that consumers are now becoming more critical in their buying decisions. They are now reading reviews, researching solutions, and analyzing product details prior to deciding whether to buy or not. Thus, companies are now investing in enhancing the quality of their website’s content to ensure that every potential client is satisfied with the data he finds.

As how a Media Communications Virginia Beach review puts it, sales approaches are now paying more attention to the consumers’ side of the coin instead being too contained by the thought of simply selling a product. This only shows that the whole industry is gearing towards a more mature path to doing business.

So, hooray to the customers of 2013!

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